Extremely common throughout the world, starlings live in close proximity to humans. Starlings regularly take up residence in and around manmade buildings, which contributes to noise pollution as well as various health hazards that result from their droppings. If you notice these striking birds on your property, call our Virginia Beach office.


Starling bird removalWhile it is possible to trap and remove starlings, doing so without an integrated approach, which includes the implementation of prevention tactics, will not be effective permanently. Contacting a Critter Control wildlife professional is a certain way to get on the path to complete starling removal. Some things to consider are:

  • Nest removal
  • Trapping

Common Starling Issues

  • Starlings, like most other birds, prefer the easy access to food that humans provide, so they commonly nest nearly anywhere humans are present, including suburbs, cities, and farms.
  • Residents of both the United States and Canada deal with starlings daily. The birds are non-migratory and generally stray no more than 3.5 miles (6 km) from their birth sites.
  • These birds readily build nests in and around manmade structures.
  • They can frequently be found in house eaves and damaged holes that accommodate nests. With small bodies, starlings can fit into openings as tiny as three-fourths of an inch (2 cm) in diameter. Starlings are very aggressive and force other bird species from their nests, which results in the displacement of native birds.

Controlling Starlings

To prevent starlings from overtaking properties and causing unwanted damage, possible roosting and nesting sites should be reduced. Protect bare skin and lungs when removing starlings droppings to reduce chances of disease contraction. If possible, limiting favored food sources will also work to dispel the pests. We can help you get rid of starling problems. Call today.

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Starlings in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky starlings are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property and machinery with their excessive droppings.
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