Squirrels like to make uninvited visits to your homes, especially in the attic and crawlspace of a home. Having squirrels living in your home can become a serious issue for homeowners. Virginia Beach homeowners should be cautious when it comes to to squirrel invasions, as handling squirrels can be dangerous. If you see or hear squirrels in your home and need help with squirrel removal services, give us a call today or click HERE to schedule an appointment today. 

getting rid of squirrels

Squirrel removal Virginia BeachSquirrels can crawl incredibly fast, and their ability to leap and climb makes them extremely difficult to catch — but Critter Control can help! Our team has extensive experience in dealing with squirrels and squirrel related problems. As a full-service wildlife control company, we can help you remove squirrels by offering:

  • Squirrel live trapping
  • Prevention methods
  • Squirrel damage repair

Common Squirrel Problems

If neglected, squirrels can bring about serious damages. Despite its size, a squirrel can:

  • Damage homes by chewing on furniture, walls, roofs, electrical wires
  • Insulation damages such as contamination, destruction
  • Cause urine and excrement odors and stains
  • Transmitting viruses and germs, parasites
  • Forging additional entry points
  • Garden and landscape damages

Squirrel Removal Services

Having squirrel problems and not sure what the next step is? We can help. Our wildlife field technicians will be able to identify the wild animal, assess damages, and provide removal and prevention solutions. More questions? Call us today or click HERE to schedule an appointment. 

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Squirrels are often the invader of attics, crawlspace, basements of homes. Once inside, squirrels can cause a lot of damages to homes. Click on the button below to what a squirrel sounds like:
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