Roof rats were brought to America in the 1600s, and they've made themselves comfortable ever since. They are drawn to human-dominated areas like cities, as the byproducts of human culture are conducive to rats flourishing. They present many issues for humans and their lifestyle, including illnesses brought on by the rats and their droppings, and the damage they may cause to homes in a multitude of ways. If you suspect a rat problem inside your home, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach today by calling our office or leave us your information here and we can schedule a rat inspection. Get rid of roof rats for good!

keeping roof rats out

Roof rat removal Virginia BeachSome things you can do yourself to keep roof rats away from your house include: 

  • The most successful way to keep unwanted roof rats away from private property is to keep your home tidy and sanitary. Rats are drawn to garbage and leftover food.
  • Properly store food, seal garbage bins tightly with lids, and remove outdoor pet food to discourage rats from coming into and being comfortable around homes.
  • Getting rid of possible nesting areas and entry points.
  • Trim overgrown shrubs, remove vines from fences and prune tree limbs so they don't overhang homes (this can provide easy access to homes).

If rats are still present in your home, please call a professional wildlife control company to get your roof rat problem back under control and get these pests out of your home and into the wild where they belong.

Common Roof Rat Problems

Because roof rats are capable of spreading disease and are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened, individuals should never attempt to handle roof rats. If infestation signs are apparent, contact Critter Control's Virginia Beach office immediately. Our experienced professionals have tools at their disposal to aid them in removing roof rats. Our methods are safe and humane for each animal and person involved.

  • These rodents frequent home gardens or yards with citrus trees because of the promise of easy meals.
  • Attics and other isolated, dark spaces make excellent nesting territories.
  • Rats are generally notorious for being unhygienic and for being carriers of multiple diseases.
  • Torn insulation is a telltale sign of wildlife animals, and it can sometimes be indicative of roof rats.
  • Once they settle into convenient nesting spots, roof rats can travel hundreds of feet each night in search of sustenance. This means that even though roof rats may live in the attic of one house, they travel extensively across wires or through tree branches in order to find food, and also through different houses or yards.

Rat Removal Help

Although roof rats do not attack people or pets without being threatened, they will bite or scratch when cornered or handled.  While scavenging for something to eat, rats will chew through sealed containers and contaminate large quantities of food meant for people, livestock, and pets. Critter Control of Virginia Beach can help you get rid of roof rat problems. Call today.

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Roof Rats
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