Raccoons are nocturnal mammals common throughout North America, especially in the wooded eastern regions of the United States. Besides the native northern raccoon, there are six other existing species, most of which live on tropical islands. These clever creatures have nimble hands and are intelligent problem solvers capable of opening latches, turning doorknobs, climbing, swimming, and running at speeds of over 10 miles per hour. This accessibility makes them extremely problematic. Virginia Beach Critter Control is the best choice for professional raccoon removal & trapping, prevention, and repair. Quickly get rid of raccoon problems. Call us today or leave us a message HERE.

Raccoon RemovalRaccoon in a garden.

Raccoons are protected fur-bearing animals and receive additional legal protections as game animals in most states. Live trapping and relocation may not be an option since it is illegal in some states to transfer and release captive animals in locations other than the original capture site. A few of our methods used to get rid of raccoons include:

  • Live trapping
  • Exclusion barriers

Common Raccoon Problems

  • Raccoons may damage wire coverings and even tear up roof tiles.
  • Stalks of vegetable plants may be broken and fruits or vegetables stripped overnight.
  • Chicken coops also face danger in the wake of raccoon presence, as hungry raccoons are capable of opening fence latches and can find their way inside and destroy birds, nests, and eggs.

Raccoons are capable animals that will find a comfortable home in any habitat. There are many steps residents can take to keep raccoons away.

Full-Service Raccoon Removal

To keep raccoons away from your home, be sure to eliminate food sources that draw them near. Trash bags should be placed in secure bins with tight-fitting lids, and pet food should not be left outside overnight. Cleaning up after barbecues and grills will also help to eliminate the enticing scents of meat. Placing guards on top of chimney openings and sealing up all gaps along the exteriors of attic walls also serves to keep raccoons from gaining entry to homes. Gardens may be secured with tall, outward-leaning fences.

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