There are many species of foxes in the United States, including gray, island, kit, and swift foxes, but the most common is the red fox. Foxes are notorious carnivores and will seek out and slaughter any livestock on your property. The red fox is nocturnal and rarely seen by humans, especially during the day. If a fox has slaughtered your livestock or threatened your pets/family, call Critter Control's Virginia Beach office or leave us a message here

what's the problem with foxes?

  • Fox removal in Virginia BeachFoxes do not usually enter homes. The main draw to properties is food sources — foxes are especially known to attack livestock. They can kill an entire population of chickens.
  • Often, foxes will kill more than necessary for consumption and hide the remaining carcasses in a hole for a later time.
  • Foxes are a leading rabies carrier, and their feces can also transmit additional diseases.

How To Keep Foxes Out

If you own livestock or have pets, you're probably wondering how to keep foxes out — but dealing with wild animals isn't something you should attempt as an untrained homeowner. Give us a call and we will address your fox problem as soon as possible.

  • Some things you can do as a homeowner to discourage foxes from coming onto your property include erecting fences and spraying repellents on your garden.

Full-Service Fox Control

Despite their cute appearances and playful behaviors, foxes will bite or scratch when cornered. Untrained individuals should not approach a fox or attempt amateur trapping. The wrong trapping technique can make it more difficult to catch the fox by educating it and enhancing its awareness on the trapping. If you suspect a fox problem near your home, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach. We will implement efficient trapping and removal techniques that will get rid of your fox problem quickly.

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