Honeybee Control

Honeybees are responsible for 80% of insect pollination, making them a great contribution to our ecosystem. Without honeybees pollinating, we would see a significant decrease in fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


  • Honeybees do not generally cause harm to humans unless provoked.
  • The real damage occurs when the honey bees are attempting to expand the nesting area.
  • Honeybees will use water to soften sheetrock and remove it in order to create more nesting room. This will create an enlarging dampening area on your wall inside and outside your home.


Repair, removal, and prevention are honeybee wildlife control services that should be handled by wildlife professionals only.

Improper removal can cause the honey to ferment and leak through walls and ceilings, causing damages and a great stink. Critter Control of Virginia Beach can professionally and safely remove honeybees and keep your home safe from any damages and further infestations.

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Critter Control bee removal can get rid of bees nest and bee problems through effective bee control and bee removal solutions. Our experts know how to get rid of bees and eliminate bee problems.
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