Getting rid of bats

Bat in a Virginia Beach attic.Immediately after bats get into your home, they can and will begin to repopulate as soon as they can. It is vital to make sure the problem is under control before it gets out of hand. Our skilled technicians have years of experience with bat behavior, so they will be able to identify how your bats are getting in and why. Most importantly, they will be able to remedy the situation.

Call us today or leave us a message HERE. Critter Control offers a full line of wildlife services, including: 

  • Live animal trapping
  • Home insulation restoration
  • Animal entry point repair
  • Animal prevention and management

Common Bat Problems

Bats' droppings tend to accumulate quickly, and it can lead to hazardous situations in your home. Common bat problems can include:

  • Feces odors and stains
  • Home insulation contamination
  • Harmful diseases and bacteria originating from bat guano or the bite/scratch of a bat

Bat Removal Services

If you're not positive you have a bat problem, Critter Control of Virginia Beach can help identify your problem animal. We have lots of experience with identifying animals based on what they leave behind and the noises they make. We are the bat removal experts!

If you know for certain that your problem animal is a bat, call us and let us know you have a bat problem. As a full-service wildlife control company, we will provide services related to wildlife animal removal, damage restoration, as well as wildlife prevention and management programs. If you have any questions, please give our Virginia Beach office a call.

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