Squirrel Removal & Control

Virginia Beach squirrel removalVirginia Beach squirrel removal is vital in order to maintain the security and safety of your Virginia Beach home. Small rodents such as squirrels can be responsible for many dangerous issues for home and business owners and believe it or not, can cause serious damage to home.

Virginia Beach Critter Control's professional technicians are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to accurately identifying which type of squirrel you're dealing with. We will create a species-specific trapping and removal plan for your specific squirrel species. Our goal is to get rid of the squirrels in the most humane and safe manner possible.

If your squirrel removal and control isssues are not resolved immediately, your home could be at serious risk for damages such as:

  • Waste accumulation, leading to stains and potentially serious health hazards
  • Scratch marks and entry holes
  • Insulation damage
  • Chewed or otherwise compromised electrical wiring is a potential fire hazard
  • Structural damage to homes and buildings, including siding and roofing

Squirrel problems can become serious very quickly, so it's important to contact the professionals as soon as you suspect a squirrel is wreaking havoc in your Virginia Beach home or business. Squirrels can carry many diseases and be responsible for human injury if not handled with care. Critter Control of Virginia Beach employs many talented and passionate experts that have lots of experience in stopping crafty squirrels. Our technicians can help determine the most appropriate method of squirrel removal for your situation.

Squirrels are persistent critters that will spend time near the territory they're comfortable in, so it's pivotal to include habitat modification in your plan. Our squirrel prevention and repair services are primary solutions to your squirrel control problems.

If you suspect a squirrel has nested in your home, call the experts at Critter Control of Virginia Beach today!


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