Strange Noises in the Walls or Attic?

Weird noises in Virginia Beach homesYou may never even see some of your wildlife visitors, which makes them even more difficult to combat. Hearing weird noises in your home can certainly indicate the presence of a wild animal. Some homeowners will only hear their animal foes, and some will hear the animals before they see them. Critter Control of Virginia Beach will help you determine how your problem animal is getting in and how to keep them out.

Some of the more obvious signs of an animal infestation include:

  • Scurrying noises in the attic
  • Running on the floor
  • Chewing in the walls
  • Scratching in walls/attic/crawlspace
  • Feces accumulation and urine stains
  • Tunnels
  • Nesting materials

Virginia Beach animals can be quite a loud nuisance in your home, especially in large numbers!

Roof Rat Control Problems

A common wildlife intruder is the roof rat. These pest animals leave a large accumulation of droppings, will make extensive disruptive squeaking noises, and may make an appearance in your living area.

At Critter Control of Virginia Beach, we train our technicians extensively to perform humane and effective animal control management. They are also trained to identify which problem animal that is in your wall or attic! We will inspect your home for potential entry points, repair damages, and remove the animal.

Our work will be followed up by the implementation of preventative measures to ensure no future wildlife control problems are possible. After your pest is removed, Critter Control of Virginia Beach offers home services, including attic restoration, animal feces removal, and more!

Please call our office to schedule your home inspection today!