You likely already know that bats are common in the Virginia Beach area — and you may even be currently facing a bat infestation. Homeowners in Virginia Beach have run into many types of bat issues, and facing them on your own can be dangerous and scary. Call Critter Control of Virginia Beach today for help with bat problems.

Some areas bats enjoy going in your home include the top of your roof and attic, and similar areas. When bats roost in these areas, it poses a serious threat to your well-being and your home's integrity.

Bats often go into your home near the top of the roof and roost in your attic and nearby areas. This roosting will result in dangerous and odorous bat droppings that can potentially harbor deadly diseases. If you are suspicious of bats, due to scratching or squeaking noises coming from the ceiling, or if you begin to notice bats flying around your house and property at night, you could have a bat problem. Call Critter Control today for bat removal services!