Roof Rat Removal in Virginia BeachVirginia Beach's Critter Control technicians are professionally trained and prepared to handle any and all of your roof rat removal needs. Your technician will follow appropriate protocol and ensure the necessary precautions are taken in order to keep your wildlife animal out of danger (and also out of your house!).

Critter Control of Virginia Beach's experts are skilled in residential roof rat removal and rat control. Your roof rat technician will take the necessary precautions when it comes to rat removal in order to make sure the rodent is removed in a humane way.

  • Roof rats are responsible for damages, carrying diseases, and leaving big messes.
  • Roof rat colonies will produce large amounts of feces and cause destruction.

Our experts are trained and ready to fix roof rat damages and install prevention equipment to be certain that your home is safe and critter-free. If you hear scurrying in the attic or strange noises inside the walls, there's a good chance you have a roof rat control problem. Roof rats, like any wild animal, are known to be dangerous if they're not handled properly. Once the roof rats have been removed, our experts will begin installing prevention equipment to keep those critters out permanently. 

If you think your home has been invaded your home by roof rats, we can take care of all your wildlife control issues. For any further information about roof rats or any other wildlife animal, please call the professionals at Critter Control of Virginia Beach!


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