Solving Bat Problems in Virginia Beach

We specialize in bat control services, bat relocation services, and bat removal services. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and experienced, and we will help keep you informed on each step of our bat removal process.

Reports of bat issues in the Virginia Beach area are not uncommon, so we are prepared and ready to help! We specialize in bat removal and bat control services, in addition to relocating bats. Our technicians are professionally trained to perform wildlife exclusions, and we utilize the latest techniques and equipment to make sure our services are as efficient as possible. Our wildlife exclusion techniques are humane and safe for your home, loved ones, and the animal. 

Critter Control is a full-service provider, and that means we will help you from start to finish (and beyond). Even when the mess is resolved, there is still work to do to make sure the animal doesn't come back, and we excel in preventative methods. Let's get started!

Learning Bat Behavior & Keeping Bats Out: What Works?

  • Virginia Beach residential bat controlDo bats eat a lot of insects? YES! A bat's diet is primarily insects — bats are integral to keeping the insect population down.
  • Do bats often get in homes? Bats are commonly found in your home, looking for a safe place to raise their babies.
  • Where are bats found inside your home? A colony of bats has a tendency to congregate in areas like the chimneys, or your attic. They're mostly nocturnal, so you won't usually see bats during the day. Special care and caution are necessary when handling and removing bats from the home.
  • So how do I keep bats out? A common removal method is one-way doors — this way, the bats can get out but can't get back in.
  • What can Critter Control do to help? To make sure your residential bat control issues never happen again, our trained technicians will implement exclusion techniques like adding roof seals or installing vent screens, chimney caps, and more. Read more about our process in the Keep Bats Out section below.

Bat Damage

  • Regardless of their tiny size, bats can (and will) create an enormous amount of residential damage. A large colony of bats in your house is a very unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation. 
  • A colony of bats can be very dangerous. The accumulation of bat feces can lead to dangerous diseases for humans.
  • Bat feces can leave behind pungent odors and stains that are difficult to remove, especially without professional help.

Critter Control's Virginia Beach technicians are experienced in bat removal and ready to clean up and repair any mess that the bats created, like cleaning up feces, replacing soiled insulation, and repair any entry holes and apply roof seals. 

Keep Bats Out

Bat prevention in Virginia Beach homesTo ensure that bats stay away from your home for good, our trained and experienced technicians will implement several techniques of prevention. Our skilled technicians will inspect your Virginia Beach home for any potential entry points. The next step is to apply exclusion equipment to said entry points and create a strong barrier between your home and the winged intruders.

Some common prevention techniques we will include:

  • Chimney capping and screening
  • Screening of vents
  • One-way doors
  • Soffit repairs and screening

Residents in Williamsburg have noticed squeaking coming from the attic, an unpleasant smell coming from of the chimney, and an abundance of bats flying around their home around dusk. If you notice similar signs of a bat control problem, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach. Your technician will get rid of the bats in your home, repair damages, clean up the mess, and prevent future problems.